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Architecture and Storytelling: If walls could talk

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Storytelling and architecture have long coincided. Architecture withholds an entire history within its walls; it embraces our daily activities through indoor & outdoor spaces, and it tells a story of our culture, our past, the pace in which we develop, how we develop, and beyond. People say if walls could talk, they would speak about their inhabitants, the passersby, the visitors, those who came, and those who abandoned. 

Co-Founders of IN NARRATIVE - Sara A. Abdulla, Founder of Dust for Experience Design, and Mishari AlNajjar, Architect at Babnimnim Design Studio - highlight the potential of a cross-disciplinary approach design, using architecture x storytelling as an example, and the potential it has to create depth. This is supported by projects from IN NARRATIVE, which highlight the marriage of both disciplines.

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