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Design Innovation Workshop

What do we mean by design innovation? Is it a simple or a complex process? This workshop will talk you through the meaning of innovation in design and the processes that you need to undergo to achieve innovation.

The workshop starts with a small lecture about understanding innovation and innovation in terms of design. There are different techniques used in design innovation and one such technique is understanding users needs.

After a small lecture, participants can identify things that they come across on a daily basis and understand it better through empathy design. There will also be a lecture on empathy design and what it means.

The task is to identify a specific user and design an innovative solution for them. The main learning outcome is that when we design for specific users, we need to create innovative solutions.

Please register here for this talk taking place at Colab on Tuesday, November 10, 2020 at 5:00pm. Numbers will be restricted and so we encourage you to register at the earliest.

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