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Fresh Start: How I landed my first job

From recent interns and juniors to senior interior designers and studio owners, our panellists share their first-hand experiences and no-nonsense bits of advice on how to land your first job!

How are Millennials shaping management culture in the design industry, and what are they looking for? What new skills can the Tik-Tok generation bring to the (sketching) table? How can graduates or young designers make their portfolio stand out when they don't have their own completed projects?

What's the first step in getting noticed by recruiters or potential employers? Where would they check out their future colleagues first - on LinkedIn? Instagram? Or even Tik-Tok? How did their first real job interview go and how you should answer the tricky questions about your salary expectations?

Listen to Laila Al-Yousuf, Design Director | Partner at SAY Studio, Joyce Jarjoura, Senior Interior Designer at Gensler, and Fatma Elfeki, Interior Designer at Roar as they share their thoughts on this topic in a panel discussion moderated by Marina Mrdjen-Petrovic, Marketing and Business Development Manager, OFIS.

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