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Pool Design & Innovation

Bart Lauwers, Managing Director of Xterior, an award-winning landscaping and pool construction company, will highlight his latest environmentally-friendly 'Eco Flow Pool'. The concept of an energy-efficient pool with 70% less energy, water and chemical consumption was developed by Bart using state-of-the-art Swiss and German technology. More importantly, the Eco Flow pool is also a non-polluting, climate-friendly, organic pool.

Xterior have been leading the way with innovative new design technologies that incorporate the company’s environmental goals via eco-friendly pools. This talk will also highlight how architects can incorporate zero footprint, eco-friendly landscaping and pool solutions into their projects.

Please register here for this talk taking place at Colab on Tuesday, November 10, 2020 at 1:00pm. Numbers will be restricted and so we encourage you to register at the earliest.

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