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We are Experts in Workplace

The workplace has been forever changed, and this moment is an unprecedented experiment. We know that we won’t step back in time. Simply 'returning' to our former offices, is unlikely. We're moving forward to a new paradigm. Our new understanding of work is going to incorporate new practices, new protocols, and new technologies. We don’t have all the answers yet.

Over the year, Gensler have been experimenting and adapting to understand the future of work. Their consulting practice brings research-driven and visionary thinking to their approach, designs and clients. They also strive to create tools that inform their process and create outcomes that are efficient and experiential.

Join Jose Faine, Principal, Diane Thorsen, Design Director, Natalie Mansoor, Design Strategist and Joyce Jarjoura, Senior Interior Designer from Gensler as they share what they've learned from this experience so far, because this moment requires a new perspective of what they’re calling a ‘hybrid reality’. This new paradigm requires experts in workplace.

Please register here for this talk taking place at Colab on Wednesday, November 11, 2020 at 4:00pm. Numbers will be restricted and so we encourage you to register at the earliest.

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