• dukta

    dukta wood panels are suitable for both wall and ceiling applications, as well as free-standing partitions, lighting and furniture. Regular incisions change the static structure of the panels in a fundamental way. These incisions make parts opposite the incision flexible but the material retains its static stability along the direction of the cuts.

    The various cut types differ considerably in terms of appearance - from simple and smooth to ornamental and playful. This provides the user with a large range of design options. Nearly all commercial wood-based boards can be made flexible using the dukta process.

    dukta panels are ideal for applications intended to have an acoustic effect such as absorption and diffusion. The pliability and durability of dukta boards open up new horizons for wood in the field of furniture construction. Through linear cuts made with the CNC cutting machine or freeform incisions made using a laser, the dukta process makes the material malleable and able to be heavily transformed.


    For more information please visit www.dukta.com/en